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We actively encourage the whole school community to:




We want our pupils to enjoy coming to school and therefore believe that education should be interesting, stimulating and fun. Our curriculum develops the key skills to enable our pupils to be ready for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We want every child who leaves Pottery to have a passion for learning and believe they can achieve success and follow their dreams.


We recognise children’s prior learning, provide first-hand experience, maximise our outdoor environment, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative and critical thinkers. All children at Pottery Primary School are recognised as unique individuals. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community and beyond, allowing our children to become compassionate citizens of the world. 


Our broad and balanced curriculum has been carefully sequenced to allow children to know, remember and be able to do more. Our curriculum is linked across the whole school by 6 key themes, change, investigate, explore, making choices, discover and adventure, giving the school a sense of togetherness. Within each theme, our curriculum progressively builds knowledge, inspires our children through enquiry, addresses the identified barriers to learning, and delivers skills, cultural knowledge and understanding to allow children to achieve every day of their lives.


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We believe the teaching of reading is integral to a child’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them. High quality texts are carefully selected to enhance curriculum learning, enthuse children’s love of reading and encourage children to want to read.


We are very proud of our town’s World Heritage status and utilise expertise and resources from within the local community to give the children a real sense of belonging to a local community.




At Pottery Primary School we have developed a creative, thematic approach to the curriculum. Within each theme, links are made across and between subjects to develop subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding in a relevant, purposeful way. Across school, we encourage children to become increasingly independent and to take responsibility for their own learning. We engage the children with a range of practical, relevant experiences and activities both inside and out, including visits and visitors, to really bring the learning to life.


Our curriculum is planned to:


  • prepare children for an ever-changing world where they can make choices as responsible citizens
  • encourage children to want to investigate, explore and discover the world around them
  • allow the children to build knowledge and skills and to be able to apply these skills to solve problems in a variety of situations
  • provide opportunities for children to be creative and develop their own ideas
  • allow children to become independent, resilient learners
  • develop cultural capital by providing opportunities outside the classroom environment and build a knowledge and understanding of these new experiences
  • enable children to lead a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle through PSHE & RSE
  • provide opportunities for outdoor learning and fieldwork
  • be flexible and allow us to respond to personal, local and national events



Children leave Pottery Primary School with a sense of belonging to a community where they have the confidence and skills to understand and embrace change, make choices and investigate, explore and discover with a sense of adventure and passion for learning that will last them a lifetime.