PSA Overview

Pottery Primary School Association

What is the Pottery School Association and what are the aims?

The Pottery School Association (PSA) comprises of anyone who has a current or past association with Pottery School: families old and new, staff and governors. These are all volunteers who are willing to give up their time and energy for the benefit of the school, children and community. Anyone associated with the school is very welcome to become part of the PSA as a helper, committee member or provide general support by attending events. Anything is greatly appreciated!

The main aims of the PSA are:

  • To raise money to purchase items needed by the school that can not be obtained with the government funding available.
  • To provide new opportunities and experiences for the children in a fun and safe environment.



Previous Years Fund Raising

The PSA has been running for many years and has purchased/funded a wide variety of items for the school. These include:

  • Play equipment in the playground – pirate ship, climbing wall, log train and playground toys.
  • Fitted out, equipped and continue to help maintain the school library.
  • Refurbished toilets.
  • Picnic tables for the sandwich room.
  • Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom.
  • Staging for the school productions.
  • PA system.
  • Assisted with the school photocopying bill.


Current Targets

The PSA are currently raising money for the following items. These have been requested by the school staff to support the children in their general education and can not be provided in the current school budget:



  1. Ipads/tablets

Technology is being increasingly used in all schools. All Pottery Primary children currently attend the ICT suite each week. However technology moves on and to have ipads/tablets readily available for use in class will:

  • Enable the teachers and children to use technology within the curriculum as needed. This is particularly helpful when researching topic work.
  • Enable new resource ‘Apps’ to enhance the curriculum.
  • Enable the safe use of these new technologies in a very controlled environment.
  • Enable children who would not otherwise have access to these new technologies at home to keep up to date.
  • Enable e-book systems to be used, facilitating the use of phonics etc. It is therefore aimed to provide appropriate ipads/tablets for each year group and in sufficient numbers to fulfil the needs of the curriculum and the children.  The new primary curriculum which came into effect from September 2014 required a new set of numeracy books to be purchased for the school. To ensure all children had sufficient access to these books each class required at least half a set of books. This cost was approximately £200 per class. The PSA provided funding towards these books to be purchased in stages. Additional funding for future books and curriculum changes will be supported by the PSA. 3. Non-curriculum eventsThe PSA therefore aim to use any additional money raised, over and above that used for the technology and books, to be put either towards “all school” visits out, or if preferred by the teachers, to support year group visits/visitors.  Fund raising events
  • The events planned for the 2015/2016 academic year include the following:
  • Each year, the school arrange visits out. These are usually paid for by the parents however not all children are able to join in for financial reasons. The PSA aim to help subsidise events that involve the whole school to enable more children to join in these enjoyable and valuable learning experiences. The latest example was the pantomime in December 2013. For the first time in December 2013, the PSA provided funding to subsidise the ticket price for parents. This was also the first year that 99% of the children were able to attend, compared to the previous highest attendance of 85%. All children thoroughly enjoyed it and some children would never have had that opportunity otherwise.
  • 2. Books
  • The initial request has been for 6 ipads per parallel class. From money raised over the past year we have been able to purchase the first 18 ipads for the Juniors and 8 learning pads for Reception. We need to continue our fund raising for the remaining 12 ipads for Years 1/2. The barometer in the playground shows how we are progressing.
  • Discos for the infants (one per term)
    • These are very popular with the children. They thoroughly enjoy a bit of a dance; the opportunity to play some games, like the tombola; purchase sweets, crisps and drinks; have temporary tattoos. We believe that these events enable the children to have fun in a safe and controlled environment and help them to learn about responsibility with money!

Tickets cost £2.50


  • Pop parties for the junior (one per term)
    • These are similar to the junior disco, but aimed at entertaining older children.

Tickets cost £2.50

  • FILM CLUB (2-3 per term)
    • The FILM CLUB is a government funded organisation which enables films to be shown in a safe and controlled environment for free. All children in Years 3-6 are welcome. As a member of the FILM CLUB children are able to enter competitions for the best film review, watch films which are not mainstream, learn about filmmaking and generally develop an enjoyment of films. The films are shown at school and the experience is enhanced by the provision of popcorn, hotdogs, sweets etc that would typically be available in a cinema.

Tickets are free. Food and drink vouchers can be purchased at the time of securing a ticket.

  • Summer (June/July) and Winter Fairs (Nov/Dec)
    • These are large events for everyone to enjoy. These include stalls with toys, cakes and local crafts; a large variety of games, including the always enjoyable sponge the teacher; a bouncy castle; a craft activity; food and drinks. At the Winter Fair Santa normally joins us. At the Summer Fair we have other activities. This year there was a Drummer who taught the children some fun rhythms and the fire service brought a Fire Engine!
    • The Summer fair this year is Saturday 21st June, 11-2 pm. You are very welcome to come along!


  • Photo Scavenger Hunt (May)
    • This is a family fun event. Over a couple of hours, teams try their best to answer a list of questions; take photos around Belper; collect specified items; and discover Belper landmarks. There is a fantastic trophy on offer for the team who does the best! This is followed by a good social and relaxed play in the school playground, with food and drinks. A very enjoyable day!


Other events being considered include Magic Nights and 80’s discos for the adults.


The PSA also raise money doing:


  • School uniform sales
    • Selling donated second hand uniform. A good way to obtain uniform for your children – cheaply! Uniform will be on sale at the Parents Evening on the 26th June 2015. Feel free just to come and look.
  • Blue bag collections
    • Twice a year there are blue bag collections of good quality clothes. A proportion of the profits are given to the PSA.
  • Collection of old mobile phones
    • Any old mobile phones donated to the school are cashed in by the PSA
  • Yellowmoon
    • The arts and crafts company will donate a proportion of sales registered to Pottery School to the PSA.
  • Easyfundraising
    • By registering with Easyfundraising, you can do your normal online shopping. The shop then donates a small amount of money to the school. There are over 2,000 shops which participate in this scheme and these include shops like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, Screwfix.
  • Supermarket vouchers
    • Sainsbury, Morrison, Tesco vouchers are all collected by the PSA for the school.
    • Non- Fund raising events
  • Fun Friday – ‘Fun Day’
    • This takes place on the last Friday of the school year. It is purely aimed at fun for the children. The day starts with a fancy dress parade and continues with an assortment of games and arts activities all organised and run by the PSA. It truly is a Fun Friday!


How to communicate with the PSA


The PSA can be contacted in several ways:

  • Note in the Yellow PSA box – this is on the little table next to the access toilet near main Reception.
  • Email:
  • Facebook: belperpotteryschoolPSA
  • Names of the current committee are listed on the school website PSA pages.


  • Feel free to find us in the playground and have a chat!

This year the PSA have a stall at the Belper Games on the 18th July 2015. So please come and see us!